The Axle Clean & Press | An Effective Strongman Shoulder Exercise Guide

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

The Axle Clean & Press Exercise:

The axle clean and press exercise is a great overall shoulder exercise, this exercise also works lots of other muscles.

This exercise is one of the common strongman lifts and while it's similar to the olympic-style clean and jerk, it is classified as a different exercise, primarily for the shoulders.

Similarly to the other olympic exercises, the suspended back fly will improve the power and strength of the shoulder muscles.

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The Axle Clean & Press Exercise Instructions:

Target Muscle: Shoulders

Exercise Type: Olympic

Follow the instructions below for a powerful, olympic and strongman style shoulder exercise.

  1. To start with, position yourself into a shoulder-width stance, with your knees between your arms. While keeping your back flat, bend at your knees and your hips so that you can grab the bar with your arms extended fully and either a mixed grip, or a double-overhand grip that is slightly wider than shoulder width.

  2. The bar should be close to your shins with your shoulders slightly ahead of the bar. This is your starting position.

  3. Then extend your knees to raise the weight, keeping the angle of your back the same. Continue to lift the bar straight up, while keeping the bar close to your body. As the bar passes your knees, extend at your ankles, your knees, and at your hips quite forcefully, this is similar to a jumping motion.

  4. As you do this, continue to guide to bar with your hands, shrugging your shoulders and using momentum to pull the bar up as high as possible. The bar should travel close to your body, and you should keep your elbows out.

  5. Once the bar is as high as it can get, lean back and carefully rest the bar on your torso and stomach area. Switch your grip to a double overhand if you haven't already acquired this grip, and then push the weight up onto the front of the shoulders.

  6. Finally, without moving your feet, press the bar above your head by extending your elbows.

  7. Return the bar to the floor under control.

  8. Repeat this exercise for your desired amount of reps.

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