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Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells (Top 7)

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

For those who prefer strength training or interval training, free weights are an excellent complement to any home exercise area.

A frequent concern for those wanting to invest in a home gym is the choice between adjustable and fixed dumbbells.

I'll go through the benefits of adjustable dumbbells, as well as why they may or may not be the ideal option for your home gym.

person holding adjustable dumbbells

Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells

There are multiple reasons you may want to choose adjustable dumbbells over fixed dumbbells, such as those listed below.

  1. Saves space

  2. Saves you money

  3. Easy to travel with

  4. Small weight increments

  5. Versatile

  6. Safer than barbells

  7. Develops muscle equally

If you have old exercise equipment that you need to get rid of, check out this article for some useful ideas.

Saves Space

Have little room yet want a wide variety of weights in your home gym?

When it comes to a variety of dumbbell weights, adjustable dumbbells are the logical option since they enable you to change the weights easily and in a very small area.

Adjustable dumbbells can save you tons of room when compared to fixed weight dumbbells.

You can also use dumbbells instead of barbells, sparing you from getting a long barbell and weight plates to go with it, not to mention the storage room needed.

adjustable dumbbell

Saves You Money

Adjustable dumbbells provide comparable or more range of weights at a fraction of the expense of traditional dumbbells.

Do you want a variety of weights without having a spare wall to line them up on?

Instead of buying a whole set of fixed weights, adjustable dumbbells may be a great alternative.

A set of fixed weights can go for multiple thousands, whereas a good adjustable dumbbell could be as cheap as under 100.

You can see an excellently rated adjustable dumbbell here on Amazon.

Easy to Travel With

Adjustable dumbbells are handy since they can be stored and transported to various parts of your home or even outdoors or to work with you.

The convenience of working out in your own home, at work or wherever you want, rather than going to the gym, may save you even more money on gym memberships.

Depending on your model, changing between weights is accomplished with a turn or a click.

You may move from five pounds to fifty pounds in a matter of seconds without having to carry or find several sets of weights.

dumbbell rack

Small Weight Increments

In most cases, dumbbells are available in weights increments of 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs, etc.

When using adjustable dumbbells, you can often select weights between these ranges, for example, 12.5 lbs and 27.5 lbs.

When you use adjustable dumbbells, you have the ability to perform strength progressions at a pace that is more appropriate for you, allowing you to get through strength plateaus and become stronger.

Another benefit of this is you can select a very light weight such as 2.5 lbs or 5 lbs, this is great for starting out with or doing stretches and warm ups with.


Along with an adjustable dumbbells ability to fine-tune your weight selection and move them around wherever you need, you can also use them for many different exercises.

The advantage of a dumbbell over other forms of weight is that you can use them for almost every exercise, from squats to bicep curls and chest press to stretches.

Adjustable dumbbells are very versatile.

person holding adjustable dumbbell

Safer Than Barbells

Barbells are often a very common piece of equipment in a home gym and they are useful.

However, they can be unsafe, especially for a home gym where it is usually only you.

Dumbbells, on the other hand, are very safe and much safer than using a barbell is.

This allows you to push yourself even further without the worry of safety, improving your workouts.

Even though dumbbells are much safer, you should still always use caution, like with any weights or gym equipment.

Develop Muscle Equally

Dumbbells have the unique ability to help you develop muscle and strength equally between both sides of your body.

The using a barbell, for example, you can often become stronger on one side of your body more than the other side.

muscle imbalance

Unequal muscle sizes is known as muscle imbalance, it can be avoided and solved by using dumbbells instead.

By using dumbbells you can help develop "lagging" muscles and bring up their size and strength.


Written by Billy White

billy white

Billy White is a qualified Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer. He is an aspiring bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, and health and fitness researcher.

He has multiple years of experience within the fitness, bodybuilding and health space. He is committed to providing the highest-quality information.


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