How To Do Bounding [Exercise Guide]

Bounding is a great assistance exercise for endurance and power. This exercise guide explains how to do bounding, its benefits and how to make bounding easier and harder.

How To Do Bounding:

  • Begin with your feet together.

  • Push off with your left foot and jump out and forward as far as you can land on your right foot.

  • Then push off with your right foot and do the same thing.

  • Repeat this motion for your desired number of repetitions.

This exercise is also known as the bodyweight squat.

What Is Bounding:

Bounding is a plyometric and calisthenic exercise.

The muscles worked from bounding is primarily the quads and to a lesser degree the calves, glutes, hamstrings and other assistance leg muscles and stabilising muscles.

Bounding is great for those intermediate trainees who want to improve stability, power and endurance. This exercise is similar to other jumping and sprinting exercises such as the max jump or 80% sprint.

You can also add a weight vest to make bounding harder, more on this below.

How To Make Bounding Harder:

You can make the air squat harder in a couple ways.

The simple ways to make bounding harder is to:

  • Increase repetitions.

  • Increase speed.

Increasing how many reps you do will make this exercise harder, you can also increase how fast you do this exercise to increase intensity.

This is an exercise that is intensity and power focused, so time-under-tension doesn't matter as much in this case.

The other way to make bounding harder is to:

  • Wear a weight vest.

Wearing a weighted vest will increase load and make bounding harder to perform.

How To Make Bounding Easier:

Making bounding easier can be achieved in three ways.

You can make it easier by:

  • Going slower.

  • Doing fewer reps.

  • Decreasing the weight (if using weights).

As you progress you can increase the number of reps, the weight and how quickly you complete the exercise to increase intensity again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are bounding exercises? A: Bounding is very simple to perform, you leap off one leg, propelling your body forward as far as you can. Then land on your opposite foot, immediately spring into the next bound. Bounding is essentially an exaggerated sprint but springing off the ground.

Q: What are PLYO workouts? A: Plyometrics (PLYO) is a type of training that focuses primarily on speed and force of different movements to build overall muscle power. Plyometrics exercises can improve your physical performance and functional ability.

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