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Can Choline Help With Weight Loss? (Explained)

Updated: Aug 16

TL;DR: Supplementing with choline may be able to help with weight loss. Although the research is lacking, some studies suggest it can reduce appetite.

Have you heard of choline before? It is a common and inexpensive supplement that may actually help you lose weight, while improving strength.

Preliminary study into choline has found it may be capable of reducing body weight while maintaining strength.

However, this was a lone study and has not been replicated since, meaning more research is needed. (1, 2)

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What Is Choline?

Choline is a nutrient that humans and many other creatures need. Choline is a cation that may be found in a variety of salts.

It must be acquired through the food as choline or in the form of choline phospholipids, such as phosphatidylcholine.

There are many other forms of choline, especially in the realm of nootropics and cognitive enhancing supplements, you can learn much more about choline in this article.

Choline is a nutrient that resembles the B vitamins. It is naturally produced in the liver but it is also found in many foods such as the following. (3)

  • Meats

  • Fish

  • Nuts

  • Beans

  • Vegetables

  • Eggs

Choline is most frequently used to treat a fat buildup in the liver (hepatic steatosis).

It's also used to improve memory, mental function, avoiding certain birth abnormalities, and a variety of other ailments, although many of these claims aren't backed up by conclusive scientific data. (3)

Choline supplements usually come in the form of gel capsules or pills. It also comes in powder and granular form.

How Does Choline Help With Weight Loss?

Choline's effective fat metabolism has also been related to a higher sense of satiety, which leads to a reduction in calorie intake and total weight loss. (1)

Some anecdotal reports from users supplementing with choline also suggest some weight loss is present, though this is not conclusive.

What the Research Says

There are no studies that conclusively show that choline can help you lose weight.

A short research from 2014 was published. Choline supplementation decreased body mass in female athletes who took it to accomplish fast weight reduction, according to a study of 22 participants. (1)

This research has not been repeated, and no large-scale investigations have validated this hypothesis.

While the fat-burning properties of choline have not been conclusively proved, choline supplementation in low levels seems to be generally safe.

However, those of a young age and individuals who are pregnant or nursing should avoid choline due a lack of study. (4)


Although some early research shows choline may be able to help with weight loss, the matter has not been thoroughly researched and is therefore still unknown if choline can help with weight loss.

Choline supplementation seems to be generally safe but not much research has been done into the safety of choline and should therefore be avoided by young, pregnant, and nursing individuals.

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This evidence-based analysis of weight loss and choline features 4 references, listed below.

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