How To Get Rid Of Old Exercise Equipment [Top 5 Ways]

Updated: Apr 26

So you've bought new exercise equipment, but how to get rid of old exercise equipment?

Read this article for some ideas on how to do precisely that.

how to get rid of old exercise equipment

How To Get Rid Of Old Exercise Equipment:

Scroll down to see our top five ways to get rid of old exercise equipment.

Remember to make 100% sure the equipment is safe to use and in working order before giving away, selling or allowing another person to use it.

1) Donate Your Old Fitness Equipment

If your old indoor bike still works and is safe to use, why not donate it?

You could check with your local fitness centre, gym or even your local school to see if they are interested in your old gym equipment.

If the exercise equipment still works and is safe, donation charities and organizations may also take it.

donate old exercise equipment

2) Sell Your Old Gym Equipment

If your old exercise equipment still works and is safe but is just gathering dust in your garage, you may as well sell it!

Brand new exercise equipment is expensive, hence why many people look for used equipment to get started.

Some fitness companies will buy old gym equipment and may even pick it up for you.

Selling your old exercise equipment on eBay, a garage sale, or even a car boot sale is a viable option.

3) Dispose Of Your Old Exercise Equipment

If your old fitness equipment is beyond repair and is no longer safe to use, it is probably time to dispose of it.

Try a disposal or removal company; they may charge a fee to remove and dispose of it, though.

Some of these companies may offer to pay a small amount for your old gym equipment as some companies sell it as scrap, and some may dispose of it.

Disposing of it is another way to red rid of your old exercise equipment.

dispose of old gym equipment

4) Give Your Used Exercise Equipment Away

One person's trash is another person's treasure.

It may be worth posting on the Facebook marketplace or eBay as a free item.

If you live in a busy neighbourhood, you can always try putting the item out by the curb or on your front garden with a "FREE" sign next to it.

5) Take Your Old Exercise Equipment To A Recycling Centre

If none of these methods worked, you could try taking the old equipment to a recycling centre that accepts these items.

However, one that accepts old gym equipment may be far away from you.

You may also have to hire a van to take it.

recycle old gym equipment

Best Way To Get Rid Of Old Exercise Equipment:

These are our top five ways to get rid of old exercise equipment.

We recommend trying to donate or give away your old fitness equipment, but please make sure that it is safe and in working order before you do.

You could try contacting the local fitness centre, gym, school or community centre to see if they would take it from you.

If you want to make a bit of cash from it, try selling on eBay or the Facebook marketplace.

Even a garage sale or a car boot sale could work.

If that doesn't work, leaving the equipment out with a "FREE" sign would usually get picked up within a few days.

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