How to Use Eccentric Training | How to Handle 30-40% Heavier Weight!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Eccentric Training as discussed in Eccentric Training vs Concentric Training is for sure a good addition to most workout programs!

The question is how do you implement eccentric training in your workout?

Well in this article all of that should become clear.

What Is Eccentric Training?

Right, so what is Eccentric Training? Well it is the lengthening contraction part of a rep, wherein the muscle is lengthening while undergoing contraction, such as lowering the bar on a bench press, or raising the handles on a lat pull-down.

Essentially, it is the negative portion of a rep.

There isn't much research on the effect of the amount of time the negative portion of a rep should be.

But most sources agree 3-10 Seconds on the negative rep should give pretty good results for building muscle and strength.

An example set including Eccentric Training for chest:

  • Bench Press: 5 Sets with 6 Reps per Set

  • Incline Dumbbell Press: 3 Sets with 12 Reps per Set

  • Cable Flyes: 2 Sets with 15 Reps per Set

Do the reps as normal until you are about to lower the weight, as you lower the weight, which could be in the form of a barbell, dumbbells, plates, handles etc bring them slowly down to the starting position over a period of 3-10 Seconds.

Be sure to experiment with different timings to find what best suits you and your goals.

Another way to use Eccentric Training is to finish off a normal set with "Finishers" as i like to call them.. basically they burn the muscle out causing metabolic fatigue further promoting growth, a great way of doing this is with Eccentric Training.

For example, after finishing that workout above you may consider doing a finisher exercise.

What you will do is ask your training partner(s) to help you lift the weights up, this should be 100-125% of your 1 Rep Max, once in the finished position of a rep (ready to bring the weights back down and start again) instead of just dropping the weights back down, slowly lower the weight over 3-10 Seconds and with the help of your training partner repeat this as many times as you can.

With the addition of Eccentric Training in your workout you may have just increased your ability to grow muscle and increase your muscle strength. So why not give it a try?

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