Isometric Neck Exercise | A Simple Way To Increase Neck Strength

Updated: Jan 31

Isometric Neck Exercise:

If you want to improve your overall neck strength and thickness, this may be a good exercise for you!

Similarly to other strength exercises, this isometric neck exercise will improve the overall strength of the neck muscles and due to contraction of the neck muscles, you could even increase neck thickness over time, both front and back.

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Isometric Neck Exercise Instructions:

Target Muscle: Neck

Exercise Type: Strength

Follow the instructions below for a great strength exercise for your neck, this exercise could even increase neck size, and you don't even need any equipment, it is a good addition to other neck exercises.

  1. With your head facing forward and upright, place both of your hands on the front side of your head.

  2. Now gently push your head with your hands, but resist any movement of your head. Start with minimal tension and increase it slowly as time goes on.

  3. Hold for 5-20 Seconds.

  4. Now release the tension slowly.

  5. Rest for your set amount of time and repeat with your hands placed on the opposite side of your head you just worked and repeat these instructions.

Additional Variations: You can do this same exercise with the left and right side of the head, use the same process as the front and back of the head.

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