Oats & Berries | A Healthy Start To The Day

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

This is a great recipe for a quick and healthy breakfast.

Made with almond milk and tofu, this recipe has all the protein you need to start your morning, including healthy carbs and fats and also a variety of other micronutrients.

Berries add a burst of taste, while chia seeds help thicken the texture of this breakfast for a thicker consistency.

Great Breakfast Oats & Berries

Total Time: 5 Minutes

Serves: One Person


½ Cup unsweetened almond milk

½ Cup silken tofu

½ banana

½ Cup rolled oats

1 tbsp chia seeds

½ Cup blueberries


Step 1: Mash the banana and mix with the tofu and almond milk.

Step 2: Add the remaining ingredients.

Step 3: Cover and leave overnight or enjoy it now!

And there it is! You should have a great, healthy breakfast for you to enjoy!

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