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9 Reasons to Get a Push-up Board (Explained)

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

There are many benefits of the push up board and it is a brilliant piece of equipment, it is portable, lightweight, especially when compared to normal push ups.

It has the following benefits.

woman using a push up board

Portable & Lightweight

The push up board is portable and very lightweight. Many of them are made from high-strength plastics like ABS, giving them superior strength but also making them very lightweight.

Due to their low weight and portability, you can take them anywhere with you, such as to work, on your journeys, to the gym with you, etc.

A lot of them are also foldable for even more portability. This lightweight and portable design allows you to workout almost anywhere.

Less Risk of Injury

One of the major complaints about the push up exercise is wrist issues, because your hands are usually flat in the push up, it puts your wrist in a vulnerable position.

Because the push up board enables a fixed straight wrist position, the strongest way for a wrist to be, it eliminates almost all risk of wrist injury and strain.

It also keeps your form fixed, stopping you from having your arms too wide, etc. This further reduces risk of injury.

Easy to Vary Your Workouts

The push up board usually has multiple handle positions, enabling you to switch and change your hand position. Meaning you can do various exercises, all using the same piece of equipment.

Exercise variation is important for improving your potential for muscle growth. It also helps maintain motivation and reduce the risk of injury.

As I'll discuss later, this ability to vary your hand position also allows you to change which muscles your primarily targeting.


They are affordable, effective, and widely available on online stores like Amazon. Many people, including myself, love using these push up boards.

To most people, it is worth the price.

Improves Range of Motion

Whenever you do a push up, you are limited by how far you can go down. This reduces your ability to stretch the muscle fibres, reducing the effectiveness of the push up.

There are many ways to improve the push up, and one of them is to raise your hands up using something, enabling a deeper, larger range of motion.

Push up boards do exactly this, they raise your hands up slightly, increasing range of motion.

This wider range of motion increases the stretch on your muscle fibres and improves muscle growth as a result.

Targets Various Muscles

As mentioned earlier, most push up boards have multiple handle positions, allowing for various different hand placements, as shown in the image below.

push up board handle positions

This not only enables you to easily switch between exercise variations, but also allows you to specifically target different muscles, such as the back, shoulders, triceps, and chest.

Switching between exercises quickly and easily is great if you want to focus on a different muscle at the end of the workout, for example.

Improves Muscle Growth

This isn't just a single advantage of the push up board, it is a collection of advantages all in one.

  • Reduces your chance of injury. Due to the stronger wrist position, it means you can workout for longer and harder without injuring yourself.

  • Vary your workouts easily. Workout variation has multiple benefits in and of itself, such as improving motivation and muscle growth.

  • It is portable. The lightweight and foldable design enables you to workout anywhere, such as at school, at work, on a trip, etc.

  • Enables progressive overload. You can easily increase your number of reps each session, making progressive overload easier.

  • Improves range of motion. Range of motion and deep reps which stretch the muscle fibres enhances muscle growth.

  • Enhances form. Push up boards are great for beginners because they help you use a stable and correct form.

Due to all of these advantages, it helps to enhance muscle growth massively, especially when compared to regular push ups.

Great for Beginners

As briefly mentioned in the section above, the push up board helps you use a correct form and position the first time.

This stops bad habits from forming, prevents injuries, and improves the workout. Therefore, it is especially good for beginners.

They're Not Only for Push Ups

You can use a push up board for a variety of exercises, such as handstands, planche push ups, L-sits, and other gymnastic exercises.

The list of exercises and variations of the push up you can do with a push up board is huge.

The main thing is it's also very safe when compared to a regular position on the floor, where your wrists are in a vulnerable position.

Should You Get a Push Up Board?

If you care about improving your workouts, maintaining a safe form and technique, reducing your risk of injury, and improving your muscle growth, then yes, I recommend getting a push up board.

There are many different push up boards available, I have left a link to the Amazon list of push up boards, for you to decide which is best for you.


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