Push Up Board Review [Ultimate Guide]

The push up board is a trending product.

It is designed to improve your push ups, it helps you vary the type of push ups you do by providing an array of hand positions.

The push up board has multiple hand positions advertised to differently target the chest, shoulders, triceps and back.

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The push up board is also known as the power press, press up board, push up rack board and by a few other terms.

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Push Up Board Review:

As previously explained the press up board is advertised to target different upper body muscles.

Do we think it works? Yes, we think it works.

Our only criticism is some of the boards have hand positions that can put your shoulder and wrist joints in a vulnerable position, if it feels uncomfortable please avoid that position and don't risk an injury.

Some Top Press Up Board Reviews:

In this part we will cover some of the top reviews from Amazon and other vendors of the push up board (the only edits to these reviews are grammar and spelling corrections).

A Five Star Review:

"Love it, had it, had it a month now and I can really feel the difference when I use it. Love that it folds away when not using it, and it seems really solid and well made. I've noticed it's advertised as 9 in 1, when in fact you can do 12 different sets, bonus!"

A Four Star Review:

"Product is exactly as described. It will aid with form and hand positioning as I move on to different push up styles. My only gripe is that the instruction leaflet is littered with spelling errors, detracting from reading."

Overall, from our testing and research we believe the push up board is a good product to help vary your push ups, especially if you are doing your exercises at home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do push up boards work?

A: The push up board is great if you're trying to vary your home workouts. However, if you have access to a gym, the standard push ups along with resistance training will be far more effective than the press up board.

Q: Are press up boards any good?

A: The push up board is great for working the upper body, however resistance training is much more effective.

Q: What is the best push up board?

A: The push up board linked to in this article is a great choice, it has decent price along with good quality and function, making it great value for money.

If you want to know how to do a push up but you can't yet, then read this article to see how to complete the push up.

You can get the 9-in-1 push up board here.

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