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Push Up Board Review (Unbiased)

Updated: Aug 1

You may have seen the trending push-up board on ads, YouTube, etc. But do they actually work and are they worth buying?

I bought one and set out to see for myself, and in this push up board review, I'll show you the results of my experience.

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push up board review

What Is the Push-up Board?

The push-up board, also known as a press-up board, is a piece of equipment that is supposed to help you master the push-up.

It is usually comprised of a plastic board with coloured holes and handles, allowing you to change up your push up stance easily and quickly.

Many brands and versions of the push-up board exist, such as some of the most popular, listed below. You can browse various different push up boards here.

  • GLKEBY 12-in-1 board

  • CRETEE foldable 12-in-1 board

  • WISEEK 20-in-1 press-up board

Although there are many variations of this product, they are all essentially the same thing.

Some have different features such as foldability, extra holes for more push-up positions and differing designs.

Features & Benefits of the Push Up Board

Below are some of the main features found on most push-up boards and the benefits associated with them.

  1. Non-slip rubber handles

  2. Multifunctional for multiple positions

  3. Foldable design & lightweight

1) Non-Slip Rubber Handles

The non-slip rubber handle found on most press-up boards allows for a more stable and firmer grip whilst also protecting your wrists from the pressure caused by regular push-ups.

This enhanced grip allows you to push your pectoral chest muscles to their limit instead of your grip or wrists being the limiting factor.

It also helps to prevent injuries to the wrist and hand.

2) Multifunctional For Multiple Positions

multifunctional push up board diagram

Most push-up boards have multifunctional boards with coloured lines and holes indicating various positions for the push-up.

This multifunctional board allows for various push-up positions, helping you target specific muscles and vary your workout.

It also makes it very easy to switch between different positions.

3) Foldable Design & Lightweight

foldable press up board

Some push-up boards also have a foldable design, allowing you to half the size of the product, making storage easy. They also are built using lightweight but strong polymer materials.

Because of its foldability and lightweight design, you can easily transport the press-up board. I found this feature very useful when I needed to work out while travelling.

Does It Work?

The push-up board defiantly fulfils its job as a fitness enhancer. It helps you master the push-up and improve your workouts.

Because of its lightweight and foldable design, it can help you work out and keep active while travelling.

I found that it helps me most at being consistent and progressing each week. Progressive overload is a significant function in muscle growth. (1)

The push-up board allows for progressive overload by way of a consistent increase in repetitions each session.

My Personal Push Up Board Review

After using this product for a couple of months, I concluded that it helped me consistently increase my press-up repetitions.

The strength I had gained also transferred across to the bench press and other chest exercises.

Another primary reason I bought the push-up board was that I have an injury in my wrists. When I do a regular push up, I find that the pressure on my wrists can cause pain and inflammation.

However, using a handle can significantly reduce this pressure on my wrists; this helps reduce the pain and inflammation.

Overall I highly recommend the push-up board; you can view the one I purchased here.

Should You Get a Push-up Board?

Ultimately, the decision to get a push-up board is up to you. However, I will say it's had significant benefits for me over a regular press up.

Especially if you have wrist or hand injuries, this piece of equipment can allow you to reap the push-up benefits without the strain on your wrists like a regular push up.

It will also help you progress at the push-up at a faster rate, it will also help you get stronger and over time get bigger chest muscles.

Hopefully, this push-up board review has helped you make an informed decision about whether purchasing this piece of equipment is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some answers to commonly asked questions.

Q: Do they work?

A: The push up board is great if you're trying to vary your home workouts. However, if you have access to a gym, standard push ups along with resistance training will be effective.

Q: Are press up boards any good?

A: The push up board is great for working the upper body, however combining it with regular resistance workouts is a good idea.

Q: What is the best push up board?

A: The push up boards linked to in this article are all great choices, they have reasonable prices along with good quality and function, making them great value for money.

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