The Scapular Pull-Up | Another Unique Trap Exercise

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Scapular Pull-Up Exercise:

If you want to increase your traps strength and also size, a variation of the regular pull-up known as the scapula pull-up is a great exercise for the trapezius muscle group!

Similarly to some of the other traps exercises, the scapular pull-up will improve the overall strength and size of the traps and its surrounding muscles.

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Scapular Pull-Up Exercise Instructions:

Target Muscle: Trapezius (Traps)

Exercise Type: Strength

Follow these instructions below for another unique but greatly effective trap exercise. However you will need to have a rack bar or pull-up bar of some sort readily available.

  1. Begin with a pronated grip on your rack bar or pull-up bar.

  2. From a hanging position, you need to raise yourself up a few inches without using your arms. Do this by depressing your shoulder girdle in a reverse shrugging motion, depressing your shoulder blades.

  3. Hold this for as long as you would like, we recommend around 3-10 Seconds, then slowly return to the hanging position.

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