Seated Head-Harness Neck Exercise | A Great Neck Builder!

Updated: Jan 31

Seated Head-Harness Neck Exercise:

Another great exercise for gaining neck strength and size is the seated head-harness neck exercise, this is a primary exercise which can be used with or without additional exercises, such as the Isometric Neck Exercise or Side Neck Stretch!

Similarly to the other strength exercises, the seated head-harness neck exercise will improve the overall strength of the neck muscles and due to contraction of the neck muscles, you could even increase neck thickness over time, both front and back.

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Seated Head-Harness Exercise Instructions:

Target Muscle: Neck

Exercise Type: Strength

Follow the instructions below for a great primary strength exercise for your neck, this exercise can be used alone or in conjunction with other exercises.

  1. Place a neck strap on the floor at the end of a flat bench or similar piece of equipment. Once you have selected the weight you wish to use, sit at the end of the bench with your feet wider than shoulder width apart and toes pointed out.

  2. Move your torso forward until it is almost parallel with the floor. Using both hands, securely position the neck strap around your head, make sure the weights are still lying on the floor to prevent any excess strain on your neck.

  3. Grab the weight with both hands while elevating your torso back until it is almost perpendicular to the floor, your head and torso needs to be slightly tilted forward to perform this exercise.

  4. Place both hands on top of your knees and this will be your starting position.

  5. Slowly lower your neck and head down until your chin touches your upper chest (while breathing in).

  6. While exhaling, bring your neck and head back to it's starting position.

  7. Repeat this exercise for your desired amount of sets and repetitions.

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Caution: This exercise puts quite a lot of stress on the neck and it's muscles. Any sudden movement could cause you to strain a neck muscle. It is best to practice the form before your actual workout, without any weight added, to get used to the movements required for this exercise.

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