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The Suspended Back Fly Exercise [Step-by-Step]

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The suspended back fly is a unique shoulder exercise which works the rear delts primarily, followed by the side delts and the rest of the delts.

This exercise will also work the shoulders surrounding muscles.

Similarly to the other strength exercises, the suspended back fly will improve the power and strength of the shoulder muscles.

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suspended back fly exercise

The Suspended Back Fly Exercise Instructions

Target Muscle: Shoulders

Exercise Type: Strength

Follow the instructions below for a powerful, strength-style shoulder exercise.

  1. Adjust the straps and put the handles at your desired height.

  2. Grab the handles with your hands facing one another.

  3. With your arms extended, slant back to modify your body angle, this will alter the degree of the exercise difficulty.

  4. Together with your body straight, at your desired angle and your arms extended, you'll be at your beginning position.

  5. Abduct your shoulders while keeping your elbows slightly bent and drag yourself up to perform a reverse fly motion.

  6. Repeat this for your desired amount of repetitions.


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