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Tall Muscle Snatch Shoulder Exercise [Step-by-Step]

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

This is a good exercise to do if you want to add olympic-style lifts to your workout.

Similarly to other olympic exercises, the tall muscle snatch will improve the power and strength of the shoulder muscles.

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tall muscle snatch

Tall Muscle Snatch Exercise Instructions

Target Muscle: Shoulders

Exercise Type: Olympic

Follow the instructions below for a powerful, olympic-style exercise.

  1. To start, grab a barbell with a weight of your choice held at the mid-thigh position with a wide grip. Your feet should be directly below your hips with your feet turned out and your knees should be slightly bent. Raise your upper arms until they are parallel with the ground. This will be your starting position.

  2. Begin the movement by driving through your heels pulling yourself underneath the bar into a squat position. Extend your arms overhead as you descend into this squat position.

  3. After pausing at the bottom of this squat position, extend your hips and knees and rise to a full standing position holding the weight overhead.

  4. Return to the starting position, lowering the weight controllably.

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