The Side Neck Stretch | Improves Flexibility & Neck Thickness

Updated: Jan 31

Do You Have Bad Neck Flexibility?

If you want to improve your overall neck flexibility and even aid in neck muscle thickness, this may be the exercise for you!

Similarly to Chin-To-Chest Stretch and the Neck/Levator Myofascial Stretch, the side neck stretch will improve the flexibility of the neck and due to lengthening of the neck muscles, you may even increase neck thickness.

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Chin To Chest Exercise Instructions:

Target Muscle: Neck

Exercise Type: Stretch

Follow the instructions below for an overall good stretching exercise for your neck, this stretch may even improve neck thickness and strength.

  1. Start with your shoulders relaxed and gently tilt your head towards your shoulder.

  2. You can assist this stretch with a gentle pull on the side of the head.

  3. Repeat on the other side.

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