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  • Abs Workout Program

    Abs Workout Program! This 13-Page Ab Workout Guide & Program Includes 4 Sections:

    1. What Do They Do?
    2. What Is Their Structure?
    3. How To Properly Train Them?
    4. What Does Training Them Achieve?


    What Do They Do?

    This section includes a comphrensive explanation of the function of the abs and what they're used for! And a little fun fact ;)


    What Is Their Structure?

    This part goes into great detail of the anatomy of the abs, such as their blood supply, the nerves within the abdominal muscle, the difference between human and animal abdominals and a lot more!


    How To Properly Train Them?

    I include my 4 Favourite and most-study backed exercises within this section, and another 3 good exercises, plus you get a full page on reps, sets and training frequency, you'll be sure to make progress using this!


    What Does Training Them Achieve?

    Since people dont get the six pack they may want when bulking for example, they don't train abs, yet i still think its very important to train abs, i explain why in this section!


    We have included a few blurred sample pages for you!

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