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  • Bulking Program

    Bulking Program! This 12-Page Bulking Guide & Program Includes 4 Sections:

    • What Is Bulking?
    • Bulking Nutrition?
    • What Is The Theory?
    • Bulking & The Body Types?


    What Is Bulking?

    This section includes a comphrensive explanation of bulking. Why its done, by who, and what it even is!


    Bulking Nutrition?

    This part goes into great detail of the bulking diet, macros and ratios. How many calories per lb of body weight, why you should have a bulking diet and much more!


    What Is The Theory?

    Why does bulking work? Well i go into great detail of the hows and whys of its workings and why you should take advantage of the off-season bulk!


    Bulking & The Body Types?

    This is a unique one.. in this E-Book there are 4 or 5 pages dedicated to the specific nutritional requirements for each of the body types during bulking (ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph)!


    We have included a few blurred sample pages for you!

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