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  • Chest Workout Program

    Bulking Program! This 15-Page Bulking Guide & Program Includes 4 Sections:

    • What Is The Chest?
    • What Does The Chest Do?
    • How To Properly Train Chest?
    • What Does Training Chest Achieve?


    What Is The Chest?

    This section includes a comphrensive explanation of the anatomy of the chest musculature and where each of the chest muscles attach and originate and what they do!


    What Does The Chest Do?

    This part goes into great detail of each chest muscle, the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor and the serratus anterior. I explain what each of them do, their anatomy and more!


    How To Properly Train Chest?

    But how do you train chest to its maximum effectriveness? Well there are 6 pages, dedicated to 6 unique training techniques to improve your chest training and get that chest to finally grow!


    What Does Training Chest Achieve?

    All of your chest training and for what? I explain that also!


    We have included a few blurred sample pages for you!

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