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Dr. Michael Tamber

Endocrinology, MD

Dr. Michael Tamber is a board-certified endocrinologist ensuring that all hormone and endocrinology related content is accurate, unbiased, and up-to-date. He is well-known for his scepticism of health claims; he's also excellent at assessing medical literature, spotting biassed information, and dismissing unsubstantiated claims.

Dr. Tamber got his bachelor's degree in biology from Cornell University, his medical degree from Tulane, his internal medicine residency at Dartmouth, and his endocrinology fellowship at Scripps Clinic.  He has been recognised one of Seattle's top doctors on multiple occasions.

Dr. Tamber also serves on the board of Endocrine Days, an organisation that hosts twice-yearly continuing medical education events for the endocrinology community.

Dr. Michael Tamber
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