Who Are We


Real Muscle™ is a team of people trying to better the fitness and bodybuilding community.


At Real Muscle, we’re committed to providing every person who visits and interacts with this site clear, credible and study-backed health, fitness and bodybuilding information.

Our Goal


We’re aiming to be your first choice in the fitness and bodybuilding community. Our journey helping people become stronger, fitter and healthier will not end.

We try to simplify our content, yet still provide all the information you need. Whether you’re an expert doing research, a personal trainer recommending information or a beginner looking for some exercise guides, we can help you.

We want to make finding fitness, nutrition and health information as easy as possible.


Our Team


So far we are a team of three aiming to provide the most up-to-date and useful information possible.


Billy White, Level 2 PT, B.D Kinesiology

Billy runs and oversees the operations on this website, and ensures everything that is posted is up-to-date and in accordance with our quality guidelines.


He is currently an aspiring level 2 Personal Trainer and studying for a diploma in kinesiology.


Why We Are Trusted


Trust is earned, we know that, that's why we’re happy to share more about how Real Muscle creates content that’s accurate, easy to read and up to date.

Finding fitness, nutrition and health information is easy. But finding trustworthy, accurate, up to date information is hard, we want to change that.


All of our content is written by experts in their field, for example; our nutritional articles are written by someone with nutritional expertise.


Once our articles are written, they are put through a series of quality assurance tests, these include; spelling, grammar, research, referencing and once we are 100% sure of their quality, they are reviewed and validated by another expert.


We also update and re-validate articles regularly. Therefore, we can guarantee you can trust our information is up to date.

Our Sources And Citations 


We have strict sourcing and citation guidelines and we rely on the best information we can find.

Every article we write is thoroughly researched, and sources are cited to ensure that they are recent and authoritative. Our sources, including studies, scientific references and statistics, are linked within each article.