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Who Is Real Muscle?

Real Muscle is a website and a group of social media pages. It is run by me, Billy White. Currently we own an Instagram Page, a Pinterest Page, and a YouTube channel which you can find in various places on this website and on our menu tab.

What Is Our Goal?

Our goal is provide only the best, study-backed fitness and bodybuilding information. There is tons of fitness and bodybuilding blogs and websites out there, and only a few back up what they claim. We want to change that, whatever we say, and whatever we claim will be backed up by science or research in some way. We don't sell our products on false claims.

My Story.

When I was younger, around the age of 15 and 16, I was very skinny (about 100lbs) and very weak, I was bullied for this, and I hated the way I looked.

So I decided I wanted to get bigger and put on some weight. I began by researching bodybuilding, there was so much information, too much information.

After doing exercises at home, such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and all the other activities you can do at home, I decided to join a gym. I joined the gym and had no idea what to do and how to do anything.

So I kept researching while doing these weird, jumbled up workouts, mixing together all the different exercises and machines that I knew how to do. Of course, this didn't work.

I started bench pressing just the bar, which was 18-22kg depending on the bar. That was the heaviest I could do, I was leg pressing with only 10-20kg weights on, and I was doing the top 1, 2 or 3 loads on the stack for machine exercises, I was fragile and weak.

After researching more I learn something known as "anabolic steroids", I'm sure most of you know what these are, they're the synthetic versions of the male hormone Testosterone.

You know what I did? I found where I can buy them, and I bought them. I bought my first cycle of Dbol (Dianabol) online. I started by taking 20mg a day, and just with that small dosage, my strength literally doubled within 2 months.

I was bench pressing 40kg, leg pressing 50-75kg, and my strength on everything increased by two times or more. I put on over 15lbs of weight a month.

I came off when I ran out of this synthetic steroid hormone, and of course, I lost half of that weight within a month, my strength went back down, and I felt terrible.

So what did I do? I bought Testosterone Cypionate, a type of long-ester Testosterone. When it arrived, one of my long-time mates did the injection for me, in my shoulder, for the next week, not much happened.

But, within week two and three, my weight started increasing again. I was on 300mg Testosterone Cypionate a week, considering my weight of around 120lbs, and my age of 15-16, that is quite a lot.

As my weight was increasing, my strength got back up to the same as when I was on Dbol. During week 4, my strength started growing exponentially, I was bench pressing 45kg, dumbbell pressing 20kg each hand (a lot for me then), leg pressing 100kg already, and my weight was up to 130lbs.

By week 8, I was at 145lbs, bench pressing 55kg, 22.5kg dumbbells each hand, and leg pressing 120kg. These were unheard of at my age, and my mates and people at my school were questioning my progress.

I came off, and within 2 weeks, I started losing my strength and size. I was addicted, I decided to buy more Testosterone Cypionate, but I also decided to double the dosage I was taking. About a week later, they arrived.

I was back on, I started at 300mg a week again, within 2 weeks my weight started going back up. On about week 3, I doubled my dosage up to around 600mg, which is a lot of hormone my age and weight.


My weight was up to around 150lbs at this point, I looked so much bigger, I had added 50% of my weight to my frame within 4-5 months, I was also getting some gnarly stretch marks on my shoulders, chest and especially my legs and back.

I continued this cycle, at about week 9-10 when I was almost out of the Testosterone, I decided to buy 2 more vials of Testosterone Cypionate, but I also purchased a vial of Nandrolone Decanoate (known as Deca).

When my current cycle came to an end, I immediately went back onto a cycle of 600mg Testosterone Cypionate, and also added 300mg of Nandrolone Decanoate to this cycle.


Deca is a powerful synthetic steroid hormone, capable of packing on muscle mass and weight very quickly. Which it did. Within a month, I had put on 10-15lbs and was up to around 165lbs.


Bearing in mind, the longer you take steroids and the more, the quicker you build a tolerance to them, which is what was happening here, I was building up a tolerance to these hormones, yet I was packing on weight and muscle very quickly.


I was getting quite strong too, I was bench pressing 70kg for 8 reps, dumbbell pressing 27.5-30kg for 8-10 reps, matching and even exceeding what most adults can do, I was even leg pressing 200kg by now.


By about week 9-10, I was weight in at between 170-175lbs and was much stronger than almost all of my mates, and I was looking a lot older, people mistook me for a 20-year-old or even older, even though I was 17.


I decided I wanted to continue this cycle of 900mg a week of synthetic hormones, Testosterone and Nandrolone. But, I added another compound called Dbol (this is the first-ever steroid I took).


Dbol is very similar to Deca (Nandrolone), except it is mostly in the form of a tablet. Within another 4 weeks, I was at a solid 180lbs. Bench pressing 70kg for 10-12 reps and started dumbbell pressing 30kg each hand for 5-6 reps.


Admittedly, I wasn't as strong as I should be for my weight. However, i have only been training for less than a year, meaning my CNS hasn't also had a chance to adapt to weight training.


Anyway, I continued on, at about a year into my journey, I was taking a total of 900mg of Testosterone, 500mg Nandrolone and 30-40mg Dbol a day. I was rapidly approaching 190lbs, and after running this cycle for over a month, I had reached 195lbs.


However, I noticed I was bloated and chubby from eating so many calories and taking this many hormones, I was feeling the effects of this too, while walking to school I had to stop multiple times due to shin splints and terrible cardio, I was always short of breath and generally felt bulky like I had a bag on my back filled with weights.


When I got home, all I did was research on the internet about steroids, bodybuilding, and fitness, it was on the verge of obsessive. I noticed that websites were saying different things and contradicting each other, so instead, I read actual studies of each hormone and learned how they work.


I learned about a hormone called Trenbolone, hailed as the most potent anabolic steroid available. I also learned about Halotestin and Winstrol, two powerful steroids with unique traits used mostly during bodybuilding competitions.


In an attempt to lean down and cut body fat, I dropped the Nandrolone to 100mg a week. I dropped the Testosterone to 600mg, added 500mg Trenbolone, added 50mg Winstrol, and added 40mg Halotestin. I trained extra hard, and I actually increased my calories, incorporated cardio into my training.


At the end of this 12-week cycle, I was weighing in at 196lbs, but I must of dropped about 15-20lbs of fat and water.


This is where my steroid use ended, one day I had terrible chest pains, I couldn't walk properly, I felt dizzy and lightheaded. I went to A&E, turns out my heart had grown to an abnormal size, and I was stressing my heart. My cholesterol was terrible, and I had so many abnormalities on my blood results.


This was when I came off steroids, I dropped down to a "cruise" dosage of 200mg Testosterone a week, my weight dropped to 190lbs within 2 weeks, for the most part, it stayed stable at 185lbs throughout the next 2 months.


I realised something I did not think about before, I had to come off of steroids ultimately. I knew I would lose most of my gained size and strength, and I was definitely right.


I purchased a lot of HCG and estrogen blockers, started an intense HCG course and tapered down my Testosterone dosage over the next 2 months.


As soon as I came off Testosterone and HCG, I lost over 30lbs, I gained a ton of fat and lost 30% of my strength, all of this happened within 3 months.


Fast forward 6 months, I'm at 163lbs, from almost 17-inch arms to 13-inch arms. I struggle to press 24kg dumbbells, barely can push a 200kg leg press, when I used to do 350kg leg press for reps.


I started my Instagram page @realmuscle2019 to share my story and help others, I started this website to help others and share the truth and the science behind bodybuilding and fitness.


Of course, there are details missing, and it probably isn't 100% accurate due to how long ago some of this happened. However, my story is explained to the best of my current knowledge.


My advice is to educate yourself and don't be fooled by people who claim things that may not be true.