The Seated Cable Lateral Raise Exercise Guide

Updated: Jan 31

The Seated Cable Lateral Raise Exercise:

If you want to improve your overall shoulder strength the seated cable lateral raise, also called the seated lateral side raise exercise could a great addition to your workouts!

Similarly to the other strength shoulder exercises, the cable seated lateral raise can improve strength and also size depending on how you decide to train with this exercise.

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Seated Cable Lateral Raise Exercise Instructions:

Target Muscle: Shoulders

Exercise Type: Strength

These instructions below are for the cable seated lateral raise, specifically for the cable variant of this exercise.

How To Do The Cable Seated Lateral Raise:

  1. To begin, stand between the middle of two cable machines that are opposite to each other, set the cable pulleys to its lowest position and place a flat bench just behind you.

  2. Then select your desired weight to on each pulley, be sure to select the same weight on each machine. Also, attach single handles to each cable.

  3. Sit at the edge of the flat bench behind you with your feet placed in front of your knees.

  4. Bend forward while keeping your back flat and rest your mid and upper body on your thighs. Have someone give you the handles attached to the cables.

  5. Grasp the left cable handle with your right hand and the right cable handle with your left hand. The pulleys should run under your knees with your palms facing each other and a slight bend at the elbows. This position is your starting position.

  6. While keeping your arms stationary, raise your upper arms to the sides until they are parallel to the floor and at shoulder height, this is the positive (concentric) portion of the rep, hold this contraction for 1-2 seconds.

  7. Slowly lower your arms back down to the starting position as you inhale.

  8. Repeat this for your desired amount of repetitions.

Additional Variations: You can do this same exercise with dumbbells, plates, and even with no weights and resistance bands, click here for our recommended resistance bands (Amazon).

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