8 Workout Tips To Double Your Muscle Growth [Ultimate Guide]

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

So, you've just started working out? Or maybe you've been working out for a long time?

It doesn't matter...

These 8 workout tips should help skyrocket your gains in the gym, at home or wherever you train, whether your goal is getting fit, getting big, or getting strong, it may help all of you.

You can even incorporate some of these exercise tips into your home workouts.

Our 8 Best Workout Tips:

  1. Limit Your Workout To 1 Hour (or less).

  2. Eat 1.6g/kg Protein On Training Days.

  3. Drink Lots Of Water On Training Days.

  4. Use Intensity Methods In Your Workout.

  5. Mix Up Your Workouts And Exercises.

  6. Try And Use Compound Exercises.

  7. Be Consistent With Your Workouts.

  8. Train With Someone.

So there you have it, our 8 best workout tips to help maximise your results in the gym.

You're asking, "what does half of this even mean?".

Okay, the rest of this article will explain these exercise tips in much more detail below.

Workout Tip 1: Limit Your Workouts To 1 Hour (or less).

Limiting your workout time is essential; this is because of a relatively unknown condition called nonfunctional overreaching.

This condition causes many symptoms such as; chronic fatigue, aching, decreased performance in the gym, increased risk of illness, and many more.

Therefore, our number one workout tip is; if you're planning on working out for the long run, it may be better to limit your workouts to 1 hour or even less.

Workout Tip 2: Eat 1.6g/kg Protein On Training Days.

In a previous article, we discussed protein amounts and timing, and also a hypothesis named the "anabolic window" and whether it was true or not.

It turns out; the "anabolic window" is most likely not a thing.

However, we still concluded that overall daily protein intake IS a thing and IS important, and therefore our second workout tip is to consume at-least 1.6g/kg of protein per day.

Workout Tip 3: Drink Lots Of Water On Training Days.

Water makes up over 70% of the human body. It's essential for life, and it keeps every living organism on earth alive.

Water is also essential for the function of our muscles; without enough of it, our bodies cannot perform at its optimum level.

Because of this, our number 3 workout tip is to make sure you keep your water intake high, especially if your training that day.

Bonus Tip: Drink extra water if you're taking creatine, to read our article on how much water you should drink when taking creatine, click here.

Workout Tip 4: Use Intensity Methods In Your Workout.

Q: What are intensity methods? (also called intensity techniques and bodybuilding intensity techniques)

A: Intensity methods are a technique of increasing the intensity, or improving the dynamics of an exercise.

So, an example of an intensity method would be using barbell chains when bench pressing. In fact, you could read our article on improving your chest workout, where we also cover various forms of intensity methods.

Therefore, our number 4 workout tip is to incorporate various intensity methods into your workouts.

You can get a set of 5 resistance bands to help with your workouts here (Amazon): Gritin Resistance Bands [Set of 5]

Workout Tip 5: Mix Up Your Workouts And Exercises.

Sticking to one workout program or exercise for prolonged periods will likely result in a plateau.

A plateau is a situation in which you stop receiving results (which can be strength or size gains) from your workouts, and it is not a good situation to be in.

Luckily, this can be solved with our number 5 workout tip, which is to change up your workouts and exercises every few weeks.

Workout Tip 6: Try And Use Compound Exercises.

Sure, isolation exercises get you a great pump and can most of the time elicit some significant size gains.

But you're missing out on the strength. This can be improved upon massively if you incorporate compound exercises into your workouts.

Compound exercises are exercises in which you use multiple muscles and joints.

An example of a compound exercise is the bench press, squat, and deadlift, or even the dumbbell clean and jerk or pull up.

There are many forms of compound exercises.

The three most common forms of compound exercises are:

  • The Bench Press

  • The Squat

  • The Deadlift

These exercises result in some pretty good strength gains if done correctly.

And so, our number 6 workout tip is to incorporate a form of compound exercise into your workout regime.

Workout Tip 7: Be Consistent With Your Workouts.

I don't mean to use the same exercise or workout every day of the week.

I mean, if you planned on working out 4 days a week, stay consistent to this and make sure you workout 4 days a week every week.

Our number 7 workout tip is to stay consistent with your fitness regime and don't give up.

Workout Tip 8: Train With Someone.

Yep, training with someone else can be a great way to improve your workout.

It has been proven that being around others who exercise and workout, can improve your motivation to workout too.

Not only this but if you're doing a very intense workout, your workout buddy can help you out with intensity techniques, spotting, and for that extra motivation you may need.

Therefore, we recommend to train with someone else as our final workout tip.

Summary Of Our Top 8 Workout Tips:

So, you've made it this far!

If you want to skyrocket your gains in the gym, get strong, get fit, or whatever your goal is, these 8 workout tips should help you greatly.

You can even use these tips with your home workout program.

What are you waiting for... try out these gym tips!

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