Prone Neck Bridge Exercise | A Neck Strengthening Exercise

Updated: Jan 31

Do You Want A Stronger Neck?

If you want to increase your overall neck strength and even increase your neck muscle size, this may be the exercise for you!

Similarly to some other neck stretching exercises in our Exercise Database, this exercise will also aid in neck flexibility.

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Prone Neck Bridge Exercise Instructions:

Target Muscle: Neck

Exercise Type: Strength

Follow the instructions listed below for an overall good stretching exercise for your neck, this stretch may even improve neck thickness and strength.

  1. Start in a prone position on the floor, on your hands and knees.

  2. Place your head next to your hands, slightly further out, then extend your legs, driving your hips into the air.

  3. Transition into supporting your weight on your head by slowly removing your hands from the ground.

  4. Hold the neck bridge for your desired amount of time, but we recommend less than 1 Minute at a time, and then carefully return your hands and knees to the floor.

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Caution: Perform this movement slowly, backing out if any discomfort is felt also avoid it if you have any neck injuries. When you have completed the movement, don't get up straight away, slowly get back up to avoid the risk of fainting.

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