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Push Up Board vs Push Up Bar: Which Is Better?

Updated: Aug 15

The push up bar is a simple piece of equipment, it's basically handles that you place on the floor and do push ups from.

A push up board is a board with handles which have multiple placement options.

Sometimes they're foldable and some even have over 20 different variations of the push up you can choose from.

Both of these are great, but both the push up board vs push up bar have their own benefits which I will detail below.

Benefits of the Push Up Board

The push up board has multiple benefits, as follows.

  • Reasonably inexpensive

  • Great for varying your workout

  • Easy to setup

  • Very beginner-friendly

  • Portable

Typically, a push up board on Amazon may go for between 10 and 35, depending on which one you want.

They all have the same principle idea but have specific features and designs, such as the ability to fold, extra handle positions, etc.

Varying your workout is great for muscle growth in the long-term, the push up board is brilliant for helping you to vary your workouts, giving you multiple positions of the push up to choose from.

Being a simple click into place and go mechanism, it makes it very easy to setup and workout, this also has the advantage of being very beginner-friendly.

You don't have to look up the right push up position, it's done for you.

The push up board is also portable, due to its lightweight but strong polymer design, and with the ability to fold on some versions, it is very easy to transport and store.

Benefits of the Push Up Bar

The push up bar, also known as push up stands or handles, is another piece of equipment designed to help with your push ups. They have the following benefits.

  • Inexpensive

  • Ability to customise more

  • Very portable

  • Great for basic push ups

Push up bars are very inexpensive, more so than push up boards. They usually go for under 30 on Amazon.

They also have the benefit of being suited to more advanced users, allowing more customisation of technique and variation, giving you the ability to do more advanced push ups.

Being smaller, they are inherently easier to transport and store. However, they are usually made of metal, so they may rattle around in a backpack, for example.

These are great for carrying around with you and pulling them out when your wanting to do a set of push ups.

Instead of setting up for a minute or two, like you would with a push up board, you just put them down and go.

Which Is Better?

One isn't better than the other. Both prevent wrist injury, both are portable, and both do the job they're designed to do.

It's a case of preference, do you prefer an easy done-for-you beginner solution? Then the push up board is a great choice for you.

Do you prefer a more advanced and customisable solution? Then the push up bar is likely the right choice for you.

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